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Reward Store


Baapoffers bring the all new "Reward Store", You can earn points by posting Best deals on Baapoffers forum.



Earning Points:-

  1. Posting a new deal = 1 point
  2. Fresh Baapdeal (if posted on front page) = 200  additional points
  3. Price update Baapdeal  (Price changes and deal bumped with in 1 month)  = 100  additional points
  4. New post (Reply in thread) = 1 point


Value of Points:-

  • 10 Points = 1 Rupees


So every deal posted by you, can earn 201  points for you.

Convert your credits with as low as 500 points to real cash vouchers from Amazon, Flipkart or redeem them for Mobile Recharges.

Making it for easy for you simply share the product link of the product you want to shop for and we will make the payment on your behalf.

More Masti More Fun Coming your way Soon...Join the Forum now.


Early Joiners Special: Baapoffers will choose the Forum Moderator from the First 50 Members.





Baapoffers Forum Guidelines:

  • What is a deal?

Answer: Copying and pasting regular sales aren't real deals, post cheaper than the going price across internet on different Sites, Price Comparison are appreciated with links.


  • How to Start a Thread?

Answer: Mostly Deals will come under Exclusive Deals and Discounts, Exclusive Coupons to be posted under coupon thread, Travel deals under travel thread, Find the appropriate thread and post accordingly.

Freebies under freebies thread and digital deals under Digital Downloads.


  • What information should I include when I post a deal?

Answer: a) Include as much detail as possible in the title. (Store Name is Mandatory).

b) Information to provide: expiration date of the coupon, minimum purchase requirements, site link, shipping and the coupon code.

c) More information you include better is your deal, Avoid including dashes in Title.


  • Prior Posting Tips:

Answer: Please use thesearch feature to see if your deal is already posted, duplicate deals and repost will not be tolerated.

a) First Warning would be issued to member who posts duplicate deal.

b) Second warning will result in 5% off point deduction from the points collected.

c) Third warning would result in “One Week Ban”

d) Same if repeats later will result in permanent ban and all points will be deducted from account.


  • How to reach moderators?
    Answer: Private message us and we will get back to you.


  • Short Links Terms: Short Links are not allowed, Affiliate links posted by member will result in Legal action and compiled in the agreement


  • Actions for repost: If any repost in found original post link should be posted as a reply to that post & Alert should be sent to moderator or Admin.


  • Repost is Valid: If there is Price change in the deal or the deal is offering extra discount via new coupon or trick.


  • Upcoming deal: Deal should be posted with valid Proof link or Image in Hot Deal Section.


  • Simultaneous posts: More than one user post a same deal simultaneously and the first post is not with complete details but second deal is with all the details, then the second post is not considered as a Repost. Post with full details will receive the credit in case the deal makes it to front page.


  • Self-promotion & referrals Terms: Self-promotion & referrals Terms are “Not Allowed” This is a zero tolerance policy.


  • General Ethics and Behavior: Treat other forum members with respect, Abusive lingo with not be tolerated.


  • Front Page Deals: This deals will be selected by members and admin, final decision will be of admin, Members are requested to suggest the front page deal with the abbreviation BD : “Baap Deal” , Reply with BD to suggest it as Front Page Deal.


  • To Claim your points send mail to